For the past 70 years, Abbell Associates has been unlocking the hidden value in retail centers and office buildings through innovative leasing, management and re- development strategies.


Acquisition focus is on core and secondary market retail projects and combined retail and office projects that require substantial redevelopment to achieve their full potential. We have the ability to tackle everything from brownfield remediation, entitlements, and complete demolition and reconstruction, to re-merchandising and repositioning within the market. More detailed information on our acquisition criteria is available here.

Property Management

Property management forms the core of our business services. Both as an operating partner to private investors as well as a third party manager — we implement a detailed management model that protects asset value while maximizing annual cash flow. Highly focused and carefully selected to meet the needs of a particular project, our management team is able to respond immediately to the changing needs of a property as well as shifting market conditions to ensure success year after year.


Leasing strategies are custom-designed for the needs of each project. Leasing programs are too critical to leave up to a third party leasing person. Instead, we determine the short and long term leasing needs of a project and then dual, triple and even quadruple track a game plan to ensure success and consistent occupancy. Bi-monthly reporting and meetings ensure deal generation and prompt prospect feedback.

Open-Air Leasing Diversity of product type ranging from grocery anchored community center to super-regional power strip to high end lifestyle center dictates a custom project by project leasing approach. Tom Walsh heads up the leasing team on our open-air redevelopments from merchandising plan through store openings. Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, TJX, Best Buy, Staples, California Pizza Kitchen, Five Guys, Chipotle, Michaels, Toys R Us, Staples, Old Navy, DSW and ULTA are just some of the tenants that Tom has negotiated deals with over the last 20+ years.

Enclosed Mall Leasing As much an art as it is a science, successful enclosed mall leasing requires constant attention to detail. In addition to retailer relationships developed over many years, successful enclosed mall leasing requires an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of a retail business by category and product type. As enclosed malls must adapt to changing market conditions in order to stay competitive, the ability to "hybridize" a project by adding a greater variety of non-traditional mall tenants will strengthen a project long term by increasing its customer base in order to thrive in good times and bad. Tom Walsh's two decades of experience with enclosed retail projects as well as open-air projects makes him the ideal candidate to diversify a traditional tenant base and successfully re-position an enclosed retail center.

Asset Management

Our asset management strategy focuses on medium and long range planning with the goals of stabilizing the asset; maximizing income; and protecting value. Every option is on the table and analyzed thoroughly in order to arrive at the correct set of solutions for the property. In recent years, our asset management team has worked with owners to undertake over $75 million dollars in demolition and development; redevelopment and repositioning of retail centers and office buildings.


The re-development of existing assets to meet the needs of a changing market is our specialty. Keeping an operating asset operating profitably during the course of a major redevelopment reduces the redevelopment risks to the property owner and preserves cash flow when it is needed most. We have maintained operating projects during a complete demolition and rebuild as well as major interior and exterior renovation done all while $150 million dollars a year in sales was generated in the rest of the project.


Beginning with entitlements and concluding with the grand opening, our development services group handles the entire development process, including: site plan and project pro-forma creation; architect interface and design work; general contract negotiation and oversight; and tenant coordination and contractor management. By working closely with the leasing team, our development team avoids the pitfalls associated with projects that are not designed to meet the needs of the target tenants.


The world has changed when it comes to real estate finance. Today, the name of the game is sponsorship and our reputation is based on years of performance and trust. Creative solutions to the financing challenges posed by the current credit environment can only be accomplished by a financing team with extensive lender relationships and decades of good loan performance. In recent years, we have successfully refinanced over $50 million dollars of construction loans and first mortgages.

Public/Private Partnerships

Challenging projects often require governmental cooperation to happen. Our creative approach to public/private partnerships has enabled us to bring these challenging projects on-line and create acceptable returns for our owners and investors. Brownfield remediation tax abatement, tax increment financing, state action fund grants, and improvement district tax rebates are just some of the programs we have helped to structure in recent years to assist our projects.

Due Diligence

The ability to assess current risk and future trajectory following the implementation of a development or redevelopment plan before acquiring a property will increase the likelihood of future success. Drawing on decades of experience in the real estate business, our team is experienced in deciphering the good and the bad to arrive at the best future course.

Lender Solutions

Experience with all forms of debt restructuring and property re-positioning as well as in-house management capability makes the choice of attorney Elizabeth Holland a highly cost-effective one to act as receiver in the event of repossession by the lender.